10 great reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer

10 great reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer

Over the last few years there has been a clear shift in the public perception about the need for booking a Professional Photographer for their wedding. This has largely been brought about by the evolution of incredible technology and the invention of clever phones and cameras. The perception is that ‘Anyone can do it, so why pay for a professional photographer?’.

Owning a ‘great’ camera or phone that has an humungous number of pixels and some interesting editing apps, still does not necessarily equate to great photographs, or even a great photographer. So if you are thinking about having a friend/ family member, (or someone offering a really cheap deal) to photograph your wedding, think carefully! Do you really believe they have the skill and experience  to know what to do and get all those special moments captured ? This is a one-chance opportunity, with no options to “re-do” it!  It’s one of the most important days of your life.

The fact is, that no matter how amazing the camera, if the person behind it doesn’t understand the fundamentals of light, photography and their camera, or have an eye for composition, then the images they take will probably not be what you expect or hoped for. At best, they may be acceptable, at worst they will be so terrible you wouldn’t show them to anyone.

As my old Granny used to say “if it seems too good to be true, …then it probably is,” and that applies without question to your wedding photography.  When you see someone on social media, offering a full day’s photography, with all the add-ons like engagement session, digital files, albums or  canvases all for less than £300, then you’re probably going to be disappointed with what you get afterwards. This also probably means the person has little or no experience and is probably operating under the tax radar, which also means they won’t have insurance and you will be helpless when things go wrong.

Wedding Photography is one of the most challenging genres even for us professionals. Wedding Photography is a skill. To be a good wedding photographer it encompasses many genres of photography:

When you book me to photograph your wedding, I am a fashion photographer, to show off the beautiful bride not only in her bridal gown,


Nottingham wedding photographer

Sandon Hall wedding photographer


but all her accessories that she has taken months to choose. I am the Product photographer who must capture all the detail of the day.

10 great reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer

I am a wildlife photographer, who captures the fun and frivolity of groomsmen waiting for the late bride


great reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer


I am a Portrait photographer to pose and light my couple perfectly for those really important after ceremony shots.

Sandon Hall wedding photographer 2

I am a Food photographer who makes a creative image that tells your story about your day in a unique way.


Wedding Photographer Tissington Hall

I am an architectural photographer, to capture the venues and rooms of your wedding.


St Barnabus Wedding photographer

wedding photographer Sandon Hall 1

I am a sports photographer, to make the most of the interests of the couple and create relevant photos for them


Cockliffe House Wedding Photographer



I am a reportage photographer to notice and capture all the candid shots of you, as well as your family and friends as the day unfolds.


Richard and Sarah's Cornerstone Church wedding.


Richard and Sarah's Cornerstone Church wedding.


When you choose a Professional Wedding Photographer, you are choosing their years of experience and skill;- not only with arranging big groups shots in the shortest time:


wedding photographer Sandon Hall 2

dealing with difficult lighting conditions and having contingencies if the worst weather should happen,

Old Vicarage Boutique Hotel wedding photographer

but they will have the right kit and lenses with them to get the best from every shot and spare cameras if one should break.

They will have Insurance, so should anything happen out of their control, you will be covered.

Your Professional wedding photographer will have the post processing expertise to ensure that every image reaches you without blemishes and printed to perfection. The cake will be eaten, the dress packed away…all you have are the memories of the day and a brilliant set of photographs that recreate the mood and moments of your Big Day.

There are lots of other tips a Professional Wedding Photographer can offer, like how to attach Groomsmen’s buttonholes. …or what music is unacceptable at some wedding venues…Things that you won’t think of until the day arrives, ….but you’ll be glad you did!….. We really are worth it! So, go on!  treat yourself…..You’re worth it!

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