6 questions to ask your toddler at bedtime


6 questions to ask your toddler at bedtime

Ahhhh bedtime.

It’s some parents worst struggle in the day. And many times I have been one of these struggling parents. It can seem that the children suddenly find this extra burst of energy, just when you’re winding down and ready to put your feet up and relax for a bit, or when you fill the tub ready for a bubble bath filled soak! They seem to have this magical ability to pull some ‘hysterical’ stunts, when you’re on your knees and ready to drop….Anyone relate?

However, there is a positive message here!

Once they get the knack of it, bed time can be a fantastic, connective (is that even a word?!) experience that everyone enjoys and benefits from. Its a time for you to spend quality time, to relate and prepare for the next day in a way that excites the children, but calms them at the same time. Teaching them to relax and have a good sleep, is one of the most important skills they can learn from you; meaning they will be revived and energised in the morning, ready to do it all over again! Its a time to their minds flowing with positive questions and maybe even get some cuddles and giggles in before its time to turn off the light.

So, here it is…..my list of things we used to do to help settle the little sprouts and get the peaceful evening you all need. We always used to play this game as part of the bedtime ritual, like in the bath tub or as we were putting pyjamas on and it became quite a ritual and a disappointment if we didn’t play! Basically, the children had to think about the day, (but only the positive things) and here is the list of questions they would need to find the answers to:

How many times do you think you laughed and smiled today?

What was the most fun thing you did today?

What ‘s the story of the dream you’re going to have tonight?

What shall we have for breakfast in the morning ?

Who do you want to spend time with tomorrow?

Can you think of one person you would like to help tomorrow?

Of course, the list goes on and on, and I’m sure every family develops their own favourite mind and word games. It worked for us, and I now have the most clever, thoughtful and generally perfect children you could wish to find (well…nearly!!) I’m sure the bedtime routine was a small part in helping them to become what they are today. 🙂




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