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Professional Headshot photo by Nottingham photographer Beverley Perkins


On Saturday, I had the pleasure of photographing Deborah Garlick, founder and champion of Henpicked (the website)

Deborah booked me for her professional headshot session back in February, shortly after I had photographed her ‘partners in crime’  Nadine Cooper and (previously) Katherine Bellchambers-Wilson. Whilst they all had a similar need for professional headshot photos to use on their “Henpicked” website and other business and social media, they also had other more specific requirements for personal projects that they are working on.  It was great to find something a bit different and special for each of these amazing business women.

Henpicked is a platform for women authors to share their ideas and experiences. It covers a huge range of topics and it seems nothing is too grand or too simple or light-hearted or serious. The mantra is …. “We hope you find something useful, something that makes you laugh, and lots to save you time and money on the Henpicked website.” You don’t have to be a professional writer, just a woman with something that you have a passion for, and something you’d like to share. Or you can just join and enjoy the plethora of articles and share them with your friends too!

A great professional headshot photo is one that  creates a visual marketing tool that inspires confidence, reflects success and attracts opportunities.  I certainly believe that Deborah’s headshot photo reflects those qualities and I really look forward to working with her again in the future. I would equally welcome the chance to work with you.

To discuss your ideas for your professional headshot photos, or to arrange an appointment, please phone 07773938669 or email me : info@beverleyperkinsphotographer.co.uk

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