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"Ask the expert" this month is Isi Dixon


This month’s  expert ‘in the spotlight,’ is Isi Dixon from Well Organised Marketing.

Isi has been running a digital marketing agency for nearly 4 years now, and I recently had the pleasure and fun of creating her new headshot photo. We had an interesting chat about what and how she does what she does, and I got some useful insights into the blogging world!


Bev: You clearly understand the value of having a regular and consistent blog and obviously really enjoy the challenge of writing valuable and interesting content. Can you briefly explain the benefits to a small business of out-sourcing their blogging?

Isi: Most small businesses know that these days having a blog has moved from a “nice to have” to  a “must have”. But not all businesses have the time, the knowledge or simply the inclination to run a successful business blog. Once a business decides to outsource their blogging, all these issues fall away. They can have peace of mind that their blogging is taken care of, in a professional manner and according to the latest know-how.


Bev: So, how do you decide what topics and information you include in a client’s blog? How much of it is driven by the client and how much do you do on their behalf?

Isi: When I start working with a client we decide together on a strategy for the next few months, how often we are going to blog and what the topics are. It then depends on the client, whether they have some resources they want me to use, or whether I need to go away and do the research for each topic. The articles will then always be checked for accuracy by the client before they get published so that there are no factual errors.


Bev: SEO is one of those things that everyone has heard of and knows is important to the effectiveness of their websites, but can you explain why it’s so important when you are blogging?

Isi: Google & Co are very keen that websites are updated regularly, and are not stale and out of date. With blogging that happens naturally. The new content then needs to be optimized for the keywords that the company wants to be found for online. This needs to be done in context. The content needs to sound natural and mustn’t be stuffed with keywords:- search engines will penalize for that sort of thing.


Bev: I think the main problem I have when I blog is to find things that are relevant to my business and are also useful and interesting to my clients. Do you have any tips to help?

Isi: Think of it this way: what would your clients want to know about? If you had FAQs on your website, what would the questions be? Each of these questions can be answered in a blog post. Also: if you are offering products – could they be used in a different way (Think how good horse shampoo is meant to be for human hair. Or just google “hacks” to get some ideas). Or: Can you relate your products or services to current affairs? Are there seasonal topics? Has a celebrity used your product or service? Etc. etc.


Bev: Thanks for that Isi, I had never thought of looking at it from that perspective. So, moving on from that, can you say why you decided to come for your headshot photo after previously using something more informal?

Isi: Well, it sort of all came at the same time! I was having a new website which I thought represented my business in a more professional way, and it just seemed logical to have a photo that was in the same spirit. So often we meet someone for the first time in a ‘virtual’ way, – online through social media or via a website, so its vital that my potential clients see me as a ‘professional’ – rather than a wife, mother or outdoor girl!  I think a professional headshot says that about people. Of course I am all those other things, but in the business world, I want to be seen as professional first and foremost.


Bev: How did you find the whole Headshot photo experience?

Isi: It was great fun. I was a bit apprehensive as it was the first time I had professional headshots done, but you really put me at ease. We did both inside and outside shots, which was lovely and I had an excellent variety of pictures to choose from. Really enjoyed the whole thing and now I have a great photo I can use on my website and all my social media profiles……. Very happy!


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