Baby Aliki’s Greek Christening

Greek Christening Nottingham

Baby Aliki at her Greek Orthodox Christening Nottingham

Baby Aliki was the most happy, easy going baby I’ve ever photographed at a Christening. It was such a pleasure to see her smile and laugh as she was dipped in and out of the font. Afterwards she quietly watched all the goings on and smiled and smiled. Such a poppet. Here she is wearing her beautiful christening gown from “Anna’s Christening Centre” @


The hotel staff at Eastwood Hall were wonderfully welcoming and accommodating to Aliki’s lovely family and friends and we all enjoyed the most delicious Sunday roast dinner. The beautifully decorated cake from Susan’s cakes at Newark

Baby Aliki -316 was served with coffee and was utterly gorgeous…… not the sort you can only have one slice of !! Afterwards there was lots of fun and games for the children in the ball ponds and tunnels which were supplied by

Baby Aliki -452 Baby Aliki -339 Baby Aliki -330 Baby Aliki -327

and music, dancing and chatting for everyone else!

Baby Aliki -455
To see Adam Galwas’ beautiful short video of the day visit this link
Baby Aliki -436

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