New Fresh Image for 2016. Happy New Year!


Nottingham Commercial headshot photographer

The New Year is about a new beginnings, new resolutions, new opportunities, making new contacts and building new business relationships. Its a brilliant time to create a new and fresh image for yourself.

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Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Photos

Blog Photos for East Midlands Designer Outlet

Bloglovin “A Little Lilly” at East Midlands MacArthur Glen retail outlet

Fashion blogging is big business these days and young, fashion savvy women are doing really well at it. It has always been quite a source of intrigue for me as to how it all works! Having the most wonderful day out shopping with your pals; a bit of civilized luncheon and then bringing home bag loads of swag and extolling it’s virtues “on the blog”, and being paid, seems too good to be true!!. ……..And what do they say about “if it sounds too good to be true” ?! …..So, when I was asked to take photos for fashion and lifestyle blogger  “A Little Lilly” in her collaboration with MacArthur Glen at The East Midlands Designer Outlet, I was delighted! Phew! I think I’ll have some of that!

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Beautiful Chinese Tea Ceremony and wedding at Hassop Hall

Chinese Tea ceremony and wedding Hassop Hall

The ancient and magnificent Hassop Hall


Think the ultimate in elegant sophistication combined with a generous dose of the orient….. Jennifer’s dress was a dream in princess-esque glam; the flowers classic and timeless, and the venue, glamorous and decadent…. And an awesome chinese girl or boy favour in every place setting.

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Tollerton Playgroup 50th Anniversary party


Tollerton Playgroup celebrates it’s 50th anniversary this year! This has probably got to be a record for longevity of playgroups! For many years it ran successfully in the old St Peter’s church hall in the village, but then in 2010, the long-waited purpose built building, (which is annexed to Tollerton primary school,) began!  Here’s a link to the photos taken at the time: (I cannot take credit for those images though!)

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Conference and Corporate Event Headshots

professional headshot

Headshot Photos made at Corporate event

If  you are planning a conference or other corporate hospitality, and want to add additional value for the attendees,  by offering a complimentary professional headshot photo, (courtesy of your organisation,) you can elevate your company profile on the day, as well as your image in general.

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Super Sparkle Parties’ Special Holiday Event

Nottingham commercial headshot photographer Beverley Perkins

Beverley Perkins Photographer

Interactive children’s entertainment.

I have photographed Monika and Phil’s family since 2007, when it was just the 2 of them and the dogs! They are now 4 and no dogs 🙁 and they have a very successful children’s themed party and entertainment service covering Nottingham and the east Midlands, called ‘Super Sparkle Parties’.

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Who says size doesn’t matter?!

How to resize your photos for social media.

Nottingham headshot photographer

Whether you’ve been active on social media for a while, or if you are just starting these accounts, you will soon realize that when it comes to social media, visual content and social media go together  and all of it is vital when competing for the “surfer’s” and your potential customer’s attention.  Detail, and every last pixel count!

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Why a great Headshot can make you rich

 headshots Nottingham headshot photographer Why a great headshot can make you rich.

As time goes by, there is an increased awareness of the value and importance of social platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.


All of these media are driving consumer engagement in both the business and corporate world. They are visual mediums which clearly attract more people when they are complete and include full bios and photographs:- and that includes your professional headshot. Your headshot will elevate your online presence. It has been likened to a corporate handshake in a virtual world, which gives you the power to make the right impression and set the appropriate tone by investing in your brand. In a world where anyone serious about their career or business has a personal brand, it’s important to control and manage how people see you.

The fact is, a good headshot will evoke greater trust, authenticity and greater interest in you and your business. People want to know who they are dealing with, so your headshot will ensure that your first impression makes a positive impact.

In the same way that you wouldn’t attend a business networking event without your business card, not bothering with a headshot on your on-line media can have the same negative effect.   You need every single advantage there is to ensure business success. People want to know the face behind the name. Your headshot should encourage people to engage with you. People want to do business with those they know, like and trust, so clearly, if your headshot represents you in a personable and professional way you are already on the way to being someone they want to engage, work and do business with.

Thankfully, the formal, pen holding, over staged poses have reached their sell by date for today’s socially conscious, savvy and connected customer.  Today’s professional has a headshot that shows approachability, vibrance and confidence. A great headshot will let your personality shine through and will send out the right message about you.

As a small business owner or corporate professional, people often underestimate the value of their headshot. Just look at how many people are happy to have an “egg” or “shadow”  icon to represent them on Twitter or LinkedIN.   They are missing a small but vital link in the marketing process. Your headshot is a critical component for your personal branding strategy. You need a headshot that matches your brand, so keep your image consistent, personable and professional.

To discuss the options or to arrange your own professional headshot session, please phone 07773938669 email or GET IN TOUCH here


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6 reasons to be addicted to hens

Professional Headshot photo by Nottingham photographer Beverley Perkins


On Saturday, I had the pleasure of photographing Deborah Garlick, founder and champion of Henpicked (the website)

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Twitter Headshot competition winner


Nottingham professional Headshot photographer Beverley Perkins

Janet Shapcott is the Winner of our Twitter competition


Our Twitter competition winner, Janet Shapcott, came for her professional headshot yesterday afternoon.

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