Cake smash photography Nottingham

Twin sisters enjoying a cake smash photo session

Come on sis! Eat up!

Cake Smash Photography Nottingham

A cake smash photography session is a brilliant way to remember your little one’s happy birthdays! Yesterday, twin sisters Jada-Lee and Avy brought the tastiest Victoria sponge cake to the studio in Edwalton to share for their first birthday cake smash. Mum dressed them in matching fairy tutus and brought a beautiful hand made bunting ribbon with the initials of their names carefully appliqued onto each little flag.  That’s one of the best things about cake smash sessions; – people always find such great ways to personalise the sessions and make them particularly memorable for their family. Helium balloons and large empty gift wrapped boxes are fun things to bring. Quite often it isn’t what’s inside the box, it’s either the unwrapping, or the jumping into the box afterwards that makes for the most fun pics! Anyway, I divert!…  HOwever, despite their Daddy jumping up and down to entertain them and make them laugh, it was a fairly serious occasion and most of the photographs are very thoughtful munching shots! Like a lot of people, food is one of the girls’ favourite things, making it very difficult for anyone or anything to divert the attention temporarily to capture another funny facial expression.

This is my favourite shot from the session showing the girls sharing the cake together. Big AAAAAHHH! It was lovely to see the relationship between the sisters. The bond between twins are always very special. Such delicate, dainty eaters too! Well, sort of! BY the end of the session, they had enjoyed squishing the cake between their toes and obviously a bit was required to mash into the hair as well, but on the whole it was a very civilised affair! In the scale of things, the clear up afterwards was really quick compared to some of the cake smash sessions I’ve done!

If you are interested in arranging a cake smash session for your little one read more details HERE or just give me a ring for an informal chat about how to make the most of your cake smash session.


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