What can a great professional headshot do for you?


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In an age of visual overload, where we are continuously bombarded with images, first impressions are often all we have time for.

And at a time when life has never seemed so fast paced and relentless, we have to make snap judgements about everything from where to buy our lunch, to who we ‘friend’.  (On-line dating services like “Tinder” ONLY require that you swipe to “like” a person, or discard them forever!) Its immediate, cruel and impersonal! We need everything in our arsenal to give our businesses the best possible start!

Employers freely admit that they regularly check prospective employees’ social media profiles, as well as their business counterpart, LinkedIn statuses. When your CV arrives on someone’s desk, a quick look at your Facebook page can give more away about you than you might like. Or maybe you are going to meet a potential client for the first time, you will quickly check them out so you know what they look like and who you are meeting. Therefore, it’s vital when choosing a profile picture, to give careful consideration as to how you may be perceived by those people and also how You want them to see you!  The temptation to select an image when we are looking glamorous at an event, or in some scenic ruin on our holidays, are favourite choices for many people, but the question here is,”does this image project the feelings of professionalism or gravitas that you may need for a particular job or brief?”

Of course we want to people to know that we are multi-dimensional, and not serious all the time, but we also need to show a high level of professionalism. Obviously a lot of your decision will be influenced by your area of business and expertise, but the image you choose is still your “first impression” and that can be a real deal breaker! It’s like your virtual meeting and your photo is the handshake! Is it a nice confident, firm grip that says that you are in control and know what you’re about? Or is it more of a sweaty, limp floppy shake or tentative thrust of the hand… “here I am, take me as you find me!” which clearly lacks the same level of confidence and professionalism.

So, what exactly does a professional headshot do for you?


The thing is, you don’t just pay a photographer for her ability to use expensive equipment which creates quality images!  You pay a photographer for her expertise in how to make the most of your best assets and play down the features that you might not be so fond of;-  a professional photographer knows how to make you relax and evoke those warm, spontaneous expressions which make you look approachable, friendly and professional.

The main value of a professional headshot, is that it shows people you care about details and how you appear to others.  It looks like you have thought every aspect of your business through and you’re not doing everything “on the cheap”.   It makes you look confident, approachable and professional and captures you in a positive light, and ultimately creates a good first impression.

A professional headshot will help people warm to you, it will inspire confidence in you and will help people trust you. Remember, people buy from people they know, like and and trust, so to start building this relationship as soon as you ‘meet’, gives you an added advantage!

If your business is professional, and has professional standards, whilst your headshot doesn’t, then it indicates an incongruence.  Consistency is vital in building trust and recognition. People need to recognise and remember you. Therefore its important that you offer a consistent image across all the media in which you have a photo. Its also important to update your photo regularly.

Final Word:

Be clear about what you want! A picture that is ideal for a LinkedIn or Google Plus account may not necessarily appeal to Twitter or Pinterest audiences. A well-designed and thought out headshot will give a clear non-verbal idea of what your business’ product or service is about, and help YOUR prospective client to decide whether you have the right service or product for them.


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