Catherine has fun and photographs with her family at Wollaton Park

catherine and her family at Wollaton ParkHaving photographed Catherine at her playgroup last year, her Mummy and Granny thought it would be a great idea to have a family photograph to celebrate them all being together. So we arranged a fun-filled day to chase the birds, feed the ducks and poke sticks in the puddles at Wollaton Park and then have tea cakes and ice cream perfect!

Wollaton Park is the most wonderful venue for having a family photography session as it offers so many interesting and fun places to go and pose for photos, without it seeming like a proper posed affair. So not so formal for people who are perhaps a little self-conscious. AS you can see from the picture with Catherine's family, their photo is quite relaxed and natural. Wollaton Park is one of my favourite places of all time for couple and family photography alike, because it offers such a variety of places to go. The children are always engaged and happy and because of this, the photos are always a success. Lifestyle photography has become increasingly popular over the last few years and has become a great alternative to the more formal studio photography. because you keep moving and playing and chatting, people tend to forget that they are having their photographs taken and simply enjoy the day and the company and the place. If you have your session during the week the beautiful Camellia House at Wollaton is open to the public. The light in there is perfect for softly lit and natural portraits and gives a gorgeous porcelain look to skin tones. I love it!

To book your couple or family lifestyle or engagement photography session and Wollaton Hall, please phone to discuss suitable dates and times 0115 9231537 and if you want to have a look at some previous sessions I have done there, please refer to my website at zp8497586rq

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