Commercial Photography

Chef, Mark Anderson and his wife and business partner Ruddington Arms Nottingham

Mark and Sarah of The Ruddington Arms Pub Restaurant Nottingham

Commercial Photography

Choosing the perfect picture for your website, brochure, or press release can be tricky; especially if you are using stock photography. At a time when people are surfing the internet at a furious rate, you need to be sure that your potential clients will stop to look at what you have to offer. Similarly, we all have been guilty of throwing brochures and flyers out, without a second thought. – Is that happening to yours? By using compelling images of your own products and services, either ‘in situ’, or,  if that is impractical, photographing them in the studio; you will add a level of credibility and reassurance that may be lacking on your competitors’ websites or in their marketing material.

The right picture says a lot about your business, no matter what the end use. Whether you choose to upload your images to your website, or use them in your printed material, personalised images show a level of professionalism that is hard to beat.

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Product Photography


Product photography by Beverley Perkins photographer Nottingham

Product photography

If there’s one thing that’s true when it comes to e-commerce, it’s that the perceived value of your products and the trustworthiness of your business is often judged by the quality of your web design. A really big part of having an attractive website these days also means having high-quality product photography.

This is not just simply about aesthetics. Showcasing your products with high-quality images can also be the deciding factor between a conversion and no sale at all. This is also true if you’re distributing your products on marketplace sites like Amazon,  where they are displayed alongside those of your competitors. By showcasing your best sellers or new product lines with professional product photography you will be optimising every chance for that sale.

It could be that you want gorgeous photographs of your appetizing dishes or mouth-watering cocktails for your restaurant, or unusual products in your boutique store. Whatever your product or service, it’s vital that you show an exciting and compelling image to arouse your customers’ senses.  A great image will help sell your products, which means that professional product photography is well worth investing in. If you sell online or from brochures it is essential; if you want to enhance a window display or make a splash at an exhibition, the right shot will make all the difference.

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Premises Photography

Commercial photography

Premises photography

Not everyone is on the high street, so getting your premises seen is vital to increasing footfall. All destination businesses need to rely on more than passing footfall and by using exciting, impactful premises images on your website and flyers to entice your buyers, you will be optimising your chances of increasing new visitors. Regardless of the type of business you have, you will want to make your customers feel compelled to see for themselves. By the effective use of high impact, creative images on your website, social media and printed media you can expect to see a more positive response from your clients.

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People Photography


Notingham headshot photographer Beverley Perkins

Press and Editorial Portraits

Nowadays, people want to get a feel for the companies that they are doing business with. More and more company websites are using team shots, to help promote their personality. It may be a group photo to celebrate a success or support a press release,  or it may be a set of staff portraits to create a consistent image on their professional profiles on your website. Whether it’s fun or formal, professional pictures of your people will enhance your brand and help build and strengthen team spirit. Whilst many organisations need to promote a serious and professional image with traditional headshots, we can be really creative with others, where a more lighthearted image is acceptable, and make images that are different from anybody else’s, to underpin your company’s differences. Please phone to arrange a no-obligation consultation to discuss the potential for your team’s photos.

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Event Photography

Chamber of Commerce NAE event Beverley Perkins Photographer

Event and hospitality photography

Capture the atmosphere at high profile company events and special occasions with a dedicated event photographer. Talk to us about the key moments you want to record and the style of photography that will best represent your business’ presence. Or why not make the guests who attend your prestigious function feel really special by offering them complimentary photos from the event? It’s yet another way to promote your business and keep a favourable memory of your company in your customer’s minds. Phone or email to discuss the alternatives we can offer, to make a bespoke package that suits your business.

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Accident and Personal Injury Claim Photography

Photography for personal injury claims is a specialist service, requiring close up lenses and lighting techniques to achieve the photograph that will help you get the best possible outcome. Sensitivity and confidentiality is a priority. If you require photos for an injury claim case, contact us for a quote.

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