Greek Orthodox Christening

It was Baby Gregory’s special naming day on Sunday at The Greek Orthodox Church in Huthwaite.



Greek Orthodox Christening St Cyril and Methodius Church Huthwaite

Happy baby Gregory after his dip in the font at his christening ceremony

Whilst He enjoyed most of the day and was a delightful, smiling baby, he was not pleased when he was stripped and dunked in the font! Fortunately it was soon over and once he had his lovely outfit on (which he went specially to London to buy from “Treasured Favours”) www.treasured he was a happy smiling boy once more.

family studio portrait nottingham

After the service, we went to Eastwood Hall for a wonderful sit down meal for all the friends and family and lots of fun photos to make a brilliant memento of the day.

family studio portrait nottingham

The cake, which was made by Susan’s cakes at Newark was something to behold and tasted just as good as it looks! in fact the left page was vanilla and the right page was chocolate! How fattening is that?? Not (?!) as I was assured that christening cakes do not have any calories, which is always a brilliant advantage when you’ve had a few slices!family studio portrait nottingham

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