It's a hat thing

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Tina Bettison is a wonderful raconteur and blogger and yesterday we got together to make some images to support the blog and celebrate her new found freedom in going grey gracefully. AS the well known voice of ‘Boundary Sound’ (- sadly no more), Tina is finding her voice in other ways…namely  by making and producing her own on-line radio show, which I can’t wait to listen to. In the meantime, visit her blog to read her thoughts on life, the universe and all that
Hats are a terrific photographic prop particularly when you need to offer some literal description of something. They can be used to describe a job or a hobby or a state of mind. If you’d like to bring an assortment of your own hats (or other interesting props like glasses, shawls, gloves flowers -or even your favourite watering can!) for a photo session in the studio in Nottingham, please phone to discuss your ideas and view some examples on the website

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