Joshua has his portrait

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Joshua had a wonderful time having his portrait taken while his Daddy jumped up and down and made a fool of himself to make him smile! Good work Jot, it certainly did the trick! What a cutie (that’s Joshua, not the Daddy, by the way! haha

Its not always very easy to get baby to do what you want when he comes to a new place. It can be a bit overwhelming visiting a new place with bright flashing lights and a funny woman with a huge camera looking at you
! HOwever, we have lots of cute and interesting things to engage baby’s attention and hopefully get the big smiles and playful grins that most Mums and Dads hope to get from their baby photography and to hang on their walls or sit on their desks at work. Fortunately, it wasn’t a problem for baby Josh who was happy as Larry to pose for his photographs, whilst Dad leaped around as the entertainment!
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