Joshua’s Cake Smash Studio photo session

cake smash studio photo session Edwalton


Happy Birthday Joshua!

Baby Joshua brought his Mum and Dad to the studio at the weekend to have his photograph taken, to mark his first birthday.

The cake, (which I understand, was exceptionally tasty)  was a simple Victoria sponge with butter icing and raspberry jam.

There was a real party atmosphere too, as Joshua’s Mum had also brought balloons, presents and other party goodies. Mind you, he was not as  bothered as you might think, but loved the candle, which he was determined not to part with! All the same, it was lovely to hear him gurgle and chuckle and to see his sweet little toes, curling up with the scrumptiousness of it all!

No doubt, there will be plenty more cake and goodies when his family and friends meet up for his official birthday party.

If you are interested in arranging a cake smash for your baby, whether its their first or twenty first birthday, please phone to have an informal chat about the options and view some samples.

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