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When were you last on Broadway?  No, not the New York one!! The Nottingham one!

This side of town has got so much old world charm and atmosphere. Its just the place for a fashion and lifestyle photo shoot with Nottingham fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger Little Lilly. She’s off to check out the other Broadway in New York….very exciting for her!   Nip up a side street and you’ll find a quiet, cobbled spot to pose in, before moving and changing the outfit for something less cosy!



amsterdam light pics



Lilly was the perfect model having all her outfits packed ready in order of wearing, and in neat piles in her suitcase, so that her changes only took a matter of minutes. Check hair (not so necessary as it was so windy!!) and makeup and then move onwards to another location to keep it all interesting.



amsterdam light pics amsterdam light pics amsterdam light pics



We had to stop for a few minutes for a hasty warm with piping hot thermos of tea, and then put a few more clothes on!!



amsterdam light pics Good luck amsterdam light pics



Good luck in the Big Apple, Lilly. We will be following your lifestyle blog “A little Lilly” with great interest. See you in July xx

If you think you would enjoy a professional lifestyle portrait session – either in the Lacemarket, or somewhere else in Nottingham, please drop me a line or phone 0115 9231537 during business hours.


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