New Fresh Image for 2016. Happy New Year!


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The New Year is about a new beginnings, new resolutions, new opportunities, making new contacts and building new business relationships. Its a brilliant time to create a new and fresh image for yourself.

No matter how grand or simple your plans are, a new image can boost and revitalise you in preparation for whatever the new year is going to bring.

Once you’ve had your makeover, don’t you want to make a good impression with this new image? As a professional, you are constantly meeting other professionals; so updating your professional headshot with a new look, can send a great subliminal message about the care  you give to every aspect of your business. Detail is important and cared for and catered to. It will create a fresh and lasting impression on colleagues as well as potential clients.

A great professional headshot is important for your website, because it says that you are approachable but also serious about your business and confident about your goods or services. Executives and consumers look forward to associating with a professional who they can rely on.

Here are some reasons why you need a new headshot image…

It’s true that ‘familiarity breeds contempt’. That’s one of the reasons hairdressers do so well! -Their clients want them to give a new look! People want to change their look because they are bored and want something more modern or appropriate to the current trends. It may not be really dramatic, but a subtle change can have a huge ‘knock-on’ effect. Don’t you get bored with the same look yourself? An updated professional photograph on your website and social media pages will deliver the message that you care about how you present yourself to others.

We never fail to be amazed how fast technology is advancing. The technology in photography, too, is phenomenal. By the same token you need to keep your business and online ‘look’ as fresh and current as possible.  In the fashion and entertainment business, a photographic image can often be the deciding factor whether a candidate  gets invited to audition or not, or a change of image, could possibly  also attract new offers.

Alternatively, if you are changing jobs, or roles within your existing company, a fresh online headshot could also be beneficial. The old photograph may associate you with your previous position and a refreshed image can not only make you feel better about your image, but indicate that you have ‘moved on’!

As time passes, our looks change without us noticing, so a new headshot keeps you easily recognisable.

How do you prepare for a head shot?

  • When you book your professional headshot session, I will send you a 2-page ‘Tips and tricks” sheet
  • Try and keep well hydrated from up to a week before the shoot, and avoid hot sunshine
  • If you are planning a new haircut, book it about a week before
  • Have your teeth professionally cleaned and whitened and avoid staining food.
  • Take care of your facial hair with plucking, manscaping or bleaching.

Once you have prepared yourself, please phone 07773938669 or email to arrange your individual or team headshot photos

This is a really useful article about the etiquette of using (or not!) your professional in online and offline media here.

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