Introducing Baby Chester

Newborn home photo session

Welcome little feet Chester


Newborn home photo session


Last week we had a small flurry (not sure if there is a proper collective term for lots of newborns!) of new babies in the studio – makes you all soppy and sigh!

This is Chester, and he was just 9 days old. Chester has a big bother called Harrison, who visited me a few years ago when he was new too! As their Mum was quite tired after the birth, we decided it would be better for everyone to do the session at home, leaving plenty of time to feed and change Chester. It also meant that Harrison could play outside or watch his favourite Tv when the weather  changed! – These are some of the main advantages of having a home photo session. It works both ways, though; – sometimes a studio session is better.


Nottingham child and family photographer Beverley Perkins

always need to find interesting things to keep lively minds occupied!

Some times it’s great to get out of the house to come to the studio. It’s very quiet and some people just like the change. There is still plenty time to feed and change baby and we take lots of photos in the same way if you had a newborn home photo session. Because its easier to control the lighting as well, you are more likely to get consistent images with a plain background that doesn’t distract from your baby’s face and body.


I will see baby Chester 3 times over the next 12 months for his “watch me grow” wall panel.

newborn home photo session

Billy’s beautiful triple photo series

This is a completed wall panel from Billy’s triple photo session that I did a while ago.

To find out about your own baby’s newborn home photo session or just to chat about the options, please phone 07773938669 or send me a message.




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