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Baby photography includes both on-location, (at home) maternity and newborn sessions, as well as studio shoots. Other events like christenings are included in this section.

Mother’s Day 2.

Mother's day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner I thought it would be a good time to call and see Lucy, Ben and baby Mia. To see how their lives are progressing and changing and the effects of having a new personality in their beautiful, cosy home. This is a series of portraits which reflect and celebrate how working mothers in 2017  balance their busy lives. Lucy works part time in her family’s opticians business in Sherwood so has time to have Mother’s days with her growing baby Mia, as well as professional days at work. Thank you to Lucy for your time and frank and thoughtful answers. You’re doing a great job! x

Mother's day photo Beverley Perkins family photographer


Now that you have an established routine, do you think you have got a better work/life mix?

Yes the routine definitely helps me to make the most of my time both at work and at home. Without it it is easy to let being busy get on top of you. Having a routine takes the stress out of working out the logistics of drop offs, pick ups, making sure bags are sorted for childcare arrangements, and everything else, so that we can just relax and enjoy the time we do have as a family. 

What do you think is the biggest unexpected change in your lives since having Mia?

I think the biggest change is just having to constantly plan! I’m not the most organised person and having a baby means I am constantly thinking 4 hours ahead to work out what I need in my bag, what I need for Mia and tying all the meals and naps with the daily plans. I do admit that more than once I’ve left the house without nappies so now have to do a full mental checklist when I walk out the front door! 

Do you think your expectations, (based on media and your friends and family’s stories) and the reality are similar?

I do think the expectations I had when I was pregnant about having a baby match the realty, however even so it’s still a huge learning curve and I can only now appreciate the stories mums tell about sleepless nights, exploding nappies and the ridiculously overwhelming level of love you feel for the little cutie! 

What aspects of being a working Mum do you find the most challenging?

I probably find the most challenging thing keeping up to speed with the goings on at work. It’s difficult going from working full time to part time, as much as I love it. I feel exceptionally lucky to have the option of working part time, but feel like I play catch up on my first day back in each week to find out what I’ve missed.

Mother's Day baby photo shoot

If you “knew then, what you know now” what would you do differently?

I honestly don’t think I would have done anything differently!…. not because we are perfect at it all but because it’s been a huge experience learning all the new tricks and treats of having a baby.

What would you say has been the biggest help when you have a difficult day?

After a difficult day the simplest things are the best! It’s so nice to get Mia bathed, into fresh pyjamas and snuggled down in bed so me and Ben can get our feet up on the sofa with a tasty dinner and something good on the tele! 

Mother's Day and baby photographer Beverley Perkins Photographer

As a predominantly child and family portrait photographer, I know most of my work of children is about capturing the fabulous, fun, unexpected and un-choreographed moments that show their personality and innocence.  These are arguably  the most precious moments, but it’s fair to say that not everything is like a studio photograph. Being a Mum is hard work!

This project is to show a glimpse of all the effects and changes that having a young family can have. It can be quite isolating when you leave work and have to find a new life rhythm, new friends and a new way of doing things. But this seems to be the way that modern life is going. More and more women are returning. It’s  tough being a working mum:-  but staying at home full time can be even more difficult, and brings a totally different set of challenges; so it’s fair to say that there’s no perfect scenario – or if there is,  I haven’t met the mum who has found that magic balance.

I’ve met some wonderfully inspiring stay at home mums and working mums alike. There are no rule books ….that’s actually not true! There are hundreds – no, thousands of books out there, but I have yet to read the one that answers all the important questions. We just have to make it up as we go along and make the best of what we have. We do the best we can with what we have and hope that the kids turn out well, dinner gets served and of course the mortgage gets paid! Guilt seems to be the tune of choice for so many Mums for not being around when you think they need you, or that the work emails are not answered quickly or efficiently enough. For me it was about getting clients’ photos edited in time for their viewings or preparing their orders for the lab efficiently and in good time. This often meant working at night when I might not be at my best, (being sleep deprived) or when the children had naps or play dates as they got older. I wanted to offer the best service to my clients and feel worthy of referral work and continue to build, but at the same time I wanted to be the best Mum I could too! Balance!

Maintaining your own identity and your confidence that you are still the same capable woman you were before the children is one of the most common struggles that women have these days. So many Mums think of themselves as Mums first and when you ask them about themselves that is how they identify themselves as (their child’s name’s Mum). I remember it well!! But here’s the thing…by looking after yourself and having a great self image is not only a great role model for your children, but will help lift you up in the tough times. So look after yourself girls! Be the best self you can!  Being a mum is a smorgasbord  filled with huge highs and lows  and I think we all need to give ourselves a break from time to time. Whether we’re working mums or not – the job description means 24-7, and whilst we may not be perfect we just have to keep pedalling!! Mother’s Day isn’t just about celebrating Mums on one day a year..Mother’s Day is every day and we have to congratulate ourselves for the great job we all do!!

If you’re interested in having your own Mother’s day photo session, please give me a ring or ping me a mail and we can chat about the options! Studio or home lifestyle shoots are both available. 07773938669

Mother's Day photo session 2016


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Introducing Baby Chester

Newborn home photo session

Welcome little feet Chester


Newborn home photo session


Last week we had a small flurry (not sure if there is a proper collective term for lots of newborns!) of new babies in the studio – makes you all soppy and sigh! Continue reading »

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Edwalton ‘Watch me grow’ studio session

Nottingham baby and family photography


“Watch me grow” studio sessions are some of my favourite shoots during the week. Little Georgia came to the studio in Edwalton for her second shoot with her Mum and Dad last week. It seemed they had more fun than she did! We got a fabulous assortment of expressions from her including the ones here. Children this age have the most expressive faces and generally aren’t self conscious at all, making my job so much

little girl determinedly crawling to get a ball.

little girl determinedly crawling to get a ball.

fun! Its wonderful to see how their faces change so suddenly as their attention is drawn from one thing to another.  Everything is always so interesting and curious when you are this age.


little girl looking up

little girl looking up


Georgia’s next ‘watch me grow” photo session will probably be around her first birthday, when she might bring a lovely chocolate cake to the studio and some helium balloons or bunting and we’ll have a ‘cake smash’. Always hilarious and interesting to see how they react!


If you are interested in booking a “watch me grow” package, please phone or email via the contact page to chat about the session and to arrange a good time to bring your baby. Sessions cost £75 for three sessions (which also include one photo choice from each session, which will then all be presented after the last session in a beautifully art mounted frame. )


Fun Family Studio Photo session in Edwalton

Fun family studio photo session in Edwalton

Fun family studio photo session in Edwalton


Last Friday, Abigail brought her new baby brother James for his first photo session in the studio. Whilst Abigail is an old hand at these things now, having been to see me 3 times before, James was not quite so excited and was more calm and interested in all the goings on! What an adorable little boy! Abigail was a great helper though, and I know exactly where to look in a few years when I’m searching for a new assistant!

Whilst the trend these days is more in favour of lifestyle sessions at a local park or nearby stately home, (like Wollaton, Clumber Park, or Elvaston Castle), a studio photo session still has a lot to offer, particularly for people with very young babies and children, or more elderly family members, who are cannot manage a 30 or 40 minute walk in the open air. It’s brilliant being able to offer both alternatives, as I think both options have strong advantages and we can always play to their strengths. A studio session means that we don’t have to worry about the weather, but if you want to, we can still step outside for a few minutes into the gardens, to get a feeling of the great outdoors!

On the other hand, a lifestyle session offers an opportunity for larger family groups to meet up and have group photos taken together in very informal settings and situations, often where family members are self conscious and don’t enjoy having their photos taken. The children can bring bikes, balls and wellies and tear around letting off steam….usually the results are very natural, relaxed photographs that really capture the personalities of the people. The self conscious ones are usually the ones who enjoy it the most, saying afterwards that it was loads better than they had anticipated and the photos are perfect! If you have young teen children who are a bit awkward and starting to become self-conscious, a lifestyle session offers an opportunity to have more photographs with a more “fashion” feel to them, which they tend to enjoy posing for.

If you have some ideas for a fun family photo session, please phone for a no-obligation chat 0115 9231537 or to make an appointment to visit the studio and see what its like!



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Edwalton “Watch me grow” photo sessions

watch-me-grow baby photos Nottingham

Billy’s beautiful triple photo series

Billy has been one of my favourite babies to photograph over the last year, and today his Mum came to collect the final framed triple photo of him, which she can’t wait to take home and hang with Laura and Oliver’s (his brother and sisters that have all been to see me over the last few years.) The “watch me grow” package has been a really popular service, which offers 3 photo sessions over a period of a year. As everyone’s  baby develops at a different rate, there are no hard and fast rules about exactly when the sessions are done, but generally the first is as soon as possible after baby is born and the last around baby’s first birthday. Quite often Mums like to include a Cake smash at this session too. (to find out about the cake smash, CLICK HERE). Alternatively siblings come to the session to be photographed with their new family member, or grandparents like to come along and join in the fun and games, as its a special time for them too! Oliver and Laura came to Billy’s first session and joined in with his photos, so that there are memories of the three children together when he was really small. If you have something special in mind, please do ask, as its nice to make these sessions as personal as possible. This time is gone in a flash, so I feel strongly that you should make this time as creative and personal to your family as you can. Both black and white as well as colour photos can be incorporated into your panel, but most people opt for one thing or the other. There are benefits to both and its as much a personal choice as anything else. If you are interested in reading about the benefits of black and white over colour (and vice versa), go here. Please phone or email if you would like to chat about purchasing  a “watch me grow”  package for your baby.  0115 9231537

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Cake smash photography Nottingham

Twin sisters enjoying a cake smash photo session

Come on sis! Eat up!

Cake Smash Photography Nottingham

A cake smash photography session is a brilliant way to remember your little one’s happy birthdays! Yesterday, twin sisters Jada-Lee and Avy brought the tastiest Victoria sponge cake to the studio in Edwalton to share for their first birthday cake smash. Mum dressed them in matching fairy tutus and brought a beautiful hand made bunting ribbon with the initials of their names carefully appliqued onto each little flag.  That’s one of the best things about cake smash sessions; – people always find such great ways to personalise the sessions and make them particularly memorable for their family. Helium balloons and large empty gift wrapped boxes are fun things to bring. Quite often it isn’t what’s inside the box, it’s either the unwrapping, or the jumping into the box afterwards that makes for the most fun pics! Anyway, I divert!…  HOwever, despite their Daddy jumping up and down to entertain them and make them laugh, it was a fairly serious occasion and most of the photographs are very thoughtful munching shots! Like a lot of people, food is one of the girls’ favourite things, making it very difficult for anyone or anything to divert the attention temporarily to capture another funny facial expression.

This is my favourite shot from the session showing the girls sharing the cake together. Big AAAAAHHH! It was lovely to see the relationship between the sisters. The bond between twins are always very special. Such delicate, dainty eaters too! Well, sort of! BY the end of the session, they had enjoyed squishing the cake between their toes and obviously a bit was required to mash into the hair as well, but on the whole it was a very civilised affair! In the scale of things, the clear up afterwards was really quick compared to some of the cake smash sessions I’ve done!

If you are interested in arranging a cake smash session for your little one read more details HERE or just give me a ring for an informal chat about how to make the most of your cake smash session.


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Greek Orthodox Christening

It was Baby Gregory’s special naming day on Sunday at The Greek Orthodox Church in Huthwaite.



Greek Orthodox Christening St Cyril and Methodius Church Huthwaite

Happy baby Gregory after his dip in the font at his christening ceremony

Whilst He enjoyed most of the day and was a delightful, smiling baby, he was not pleased when he was stripped and dunked in the font! Fortunately it was soon over and once he had his lovely outfit on (which he went specially to London to buy from “Treasured Favours”) www.treasured he was a happy smiling boy once more.

family studio portrait nottingham

After the service, we went to Eastwood Hall for a wonderful sit down meal for all the friends and family and lots of fun photos to make a brilliant memento of the day.

family studio portrait nottingham

The cake, which was made by Susan’s cakes at Newark was something to behold and tasted just as good as it looks! in fact the left page was vanilla and the right page was chocolate! How fattening is that?? Not (?!) as I was assured that christening cakes do not have any calories, which is always a brilliant advantage when you’ve had a few slices!family studio portrait nottingham

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Baby Aliki’s Greek Christening

Greek Christening Nottingham

Baby Aliki at her Greek Orthodox Christening Nottingham

Baby Aliki was the most happy, easy going baby I’ve ever photographed at a Christening. It was such a pleasure to see her smile and laugh as she was dipped in and out of the font. Afterwards she quietly watched all the goings on and smiled and smiled. Such a poppet. Here she is wearing her beautiful christening gown from “Anna’s Christening Centre” @


The hotel staff at Eastwood Hall were wonderfully welcoming and accommodating to Aliki’s lovely family and friends and we all enjoyed the most delicious Sunday roast dinner. The beautifully decorated cake from Susan’s cakes at Newark

Baby Aliki -316 was served with coffee and was utterly gorgeous…… not the sort you can only have one slice of !! Afterwards there was lots of fun and games for the children in the ball ponds and tunnels which were supplied by

Baby Aliki -452 Baby Aliki -339 Baby Aliki -330 Baby Aliki -327

and music, dancing and chatting for everyone else!

Baby Aliki -455
To see Adam Galwas’ beautiful short video of the day visit this link
Baby Aliki -436

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Interesting stuff you may not know about new babies!

Babies are so amazing! Mums and Dads are always so excited to tell everyone about their new arrival, so I found some interesting facts you may not know about new babies!

Babies are born with very sophisticated hearing and can work out where a sound is coming from just 10 minutes after being born.

Up until 7 months old, a baby can breathe and swallow at the same time.

Scientists in Norway videoed babies who were delivered onto their mothers’ tummies, and found to their astonishment that if left to their own devices, the babies used their limbs in a slow but coordinated way to crawl up and reach the breast where they then latched on and fed unaided.
Psychologists have found that babies as young as just 2 days old can recognise their mothers from a tape recording of only one syllable.
When babies are born they have 300 bones, that’s 94 more than an adult. They fuse together as they grow to become 206.

Your baby is born to smile. We know this because blind babies also smile, so it’s not just copying.

Your baby is sensitive to temperature and although she can’t throw off clothing or bedding to cool down, she can do other things. When she is cool she will move around more and when she is warm she will lie as if sunbathing, with her arms and legs flung out to the side. You can use these signs to work out if your baby is too hot or too cold.

Your baby’s sense of smell is much stronger than yours and he will use it to get to know you in the early weeks. To help him, try to avoid really strong perfumes, deodorants or washing powder and be aware that some household smells may be quite overpowering for him.
antivirus software comparison
stuff you may not know about new babies

At birth it takes your baby between five and 10 minutes to get used to something new, but by 3 months it will only take between 30 seconds and two minutes. And at 6 months, your baby will adjust in less than 30 seconds.

It is estimated that if a baby continued to grow at the rate he does in his first year, by the time he reached adulthood, he would be as tall as Nelson’s Column in London.

Your newborn baby prefers human speech to any other sound, which is why, when she is older and learning to talk, she will try to imitate human sounds rather than inanimate noises such as the telephone ringing.

Your baby could sense how you were feeling even in the womb! Researchers asked pregnant mums to listen to various types of music through headphones and then measured their babies’ movements with ultrasound. Most babies became more active when the music was on, especially if their mum was listening to music she liked. What is fascinating is that the babies could not hear the music ‘ it was only audible to the mums, so the babies were responding to their mums’ emotional responses to the music.


In a baby’s first year, it’s brain will double to become half its adult size.

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Joshua’s Cake Smash Studio photo session

cake smash studio photo session Edwalton


Happy Birthday Joshua!

Baby Joshua brought his Mum and Dad to the studio at the weekend to have his photograph taken, to mark his first birthday.

The cake, (which I understand, was exceptionally tasty)  was a simple Victoria sponge with butter icing and raspberry jam.

There was a real party atmosphere too, as Joshua’s Mum had also brought balloons, presents and other party goodies. Mind you, he was not as  bothered as you might think, but loved the candle, which he was determined not to part with! All the same, it was lovely to hear him gurgle and chuckle and to see his sweet little toes, curling up with the scrumptiousness of it all!

No doubt, there will be plenty more cake and goodies when his family and friends meet up for his official birthday party.

If you are interested in arranging a cake smash for your baby, whether its their first or twenty first birthday, please phone to have an informal chat about the options and view some samples.

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