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Whether it is just a keepsake portrait of yourself or maybe you and your partner, you can come and have some fun with a portrait shoot at the studio here in Edwalton, Nottinghamshire

Twitter Headshot competition winner


Nottingham professional Headshot photographer Beverley Perkins

Janet Shapcott is the Winner of our Twitter competition


Our Twitter competition winner, Janet Shapcott, came for her professional headshot yesterday afternoon.

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What can a great professional headshot do for you?


variety of headshots Nottingham headshot photographer showing men and women

In an age of visual overload, where we are continuously bombarded with images, first impressions are often all we have time for.

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Being a Rockstar in your industry is down to headshots!

studio headshot shot against simple white background. Perfect for professional or personal use.

studio headshot shot against simple white background. Perfect for professional or personal use.

A professional headshot is a simple portrait used by business professionals as well as actors, musicians and models, to get work. Actors, musicians and models will generally print 8 X 10 prints of their headshot to distribute to talent agents or casting directors when attending auditions. Other business professionals use a headshot to promote a positive image of themselves or their business via, website, brochure, etc. In simple terms it’s a professional portrait where the central focus is the person and more specifically, the face. It will not be highly themed. There are no props or heavy makeup. It’s all about showing you as you are, relaxed, confident and ready to work. Headshots should be an accurate expression of who you are.

male professional headshot for commercial use

For performers it goes a little farther. Attached to the headshot, facing outward or printed on the reverse side of the headshot is a resume that documents recent work and/ or statistics, meaning your height, weight, measurements, eye color, hair color or any special skills for example speaking different languages and dialects or anything that might be helpful in securing the job.

black and white headshot for commercial use.

black and white headshot for commercial use.

Years ago, headshots were black and white, but these days sees quite a mix of black and white as well as colour photos.  Additionally, the trend used to be tightly cropped, and now it’s more open to interpretation, using some half-length to three quarter length shots. Natural light headshots are also popular and will probably remain so,

Nottingham professional outdoor headshots

young woman sitting on the grass amongst bluebells

but studio headshots are popular as well because they offer a very simple headshot, which has no distracting features that an outdoors image might show. As long as the light is crisp and clean and with a good balance of contrast, and shows the person as they really are:- either are suitable.


Another interesting use for personal headshots, is the recent phenomenon of the dating website “Tinder”. This has created a need for a realistic version of the person, looking their best, and in a relaxed and natural pose, without the distraction of other superfluous information. Both men and women who have had professional headshots made, have seen a huge increase in the number of dating opportunities offered, simply because they added a professional headshot to their personal profile. Here’s a brilliant video I found, which says it all! If you are interested in finding out about having a professional headshot done, whether its in the studio, or on location, please phone or send me a note and we can make a date. 🙂

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It's a hat thing

cell spy software
Tina Bettison is a wonderful raconteur and blogger and yesterday we got together to make some images to support the blog and celebrate her new found freedom in going grey gracefully. AS the well known voice of ‘Boundary Sound’ (- sadly no more), Tina is finding her voice in other ways…namely  by making and producing her own on-line radio show, which I can’t wait to listen to. In the meantime, visit her blog to read her thoughts on life, the universe and all that
Hats are a terrific photographic prop particularly when you need to offer some literal description of something. They can be used to describe a job or a hobby or a state of mind. If you’d like to bring an assortment of your own hats (or other interesting props like glasses, shawls, gloves flowers -or even your favourite watering can!) for a photo session in the studio in Nottingham, please phone to discuss your ideas and view some examples on the website


The new Lady Captain


Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club's new lady Captain

Today, I had the privilege  of photographing Stanton-on-the-Wolds’ Golf Club new Ladies Captain for her portrait to hang in the club foyer.  Congratulations and good luck for a successful year in office. The Stanton-in-the-Wolds golf club has a lovely old history dating back to 1906. I am pleased to say I have not been around long enough to have photographed all the Captains and lady Captains, but hopefully will see a few more in my time!online essays
For your personal portrait session visit the website and phone 0115 9231537 for a no-obligation chat about your requirements