Roy Orbison Tribute Session

Roy Orbison Tribute photo

Paul Hopkins as Roy Orbison

On Friday I had the opportunity to listen to the wonderful ululating (can that really be a real  word!!) tones of Paul Hopkins, AKA Roy Orbison. Even better still, I had my long lens out and got some fantastic shots of him in action, rocking the “best of” including “Pretty Woman”, “You got it”, “In dreams” and “I drove all night”. I had been commissioned to photograph the life celebration  of a Kirk Hallam lady, and Roy was her favourite music star from her happy youth, so all the attendees were entertained with forty five minutes of all his most memorable tunes…… and there are a lot! Most people sat and listened, but a few got up and had a little dance, which I thought was a real tribute to Paul, (who did a fantastically accurate rendition of Roy) and a wonderful way of celebrating someone’s life.


Roy Orbison Tribute Session 1 Roy Orbison Tribute Session

If you are a Roy Orbison fan, and would like the chance to hear him sing, he has got together with four other super talented guys, to create the Travelling Wilbury’s Tribute, which travels around the country and promises a night of up-tempo, feel good sing along music and entertainment. I look forward to running into them all


Roy Orbison TRibute Session Nottingham Events  Photography

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