Interesting stuff you may not know about new babies!

Babies are so amazing! Mums and Dads are always so excited to tell everyone about their new arrival, so I found some interesting facts you may not know about new babies!

Babies are born with very sophisticated hearing and can work out where a sound is coming from just 10 minutes after being born.

Up until 7 months old, a baby can breathe and swallow at the same time.

Scientists in Norway videoed babies who were delivered onto their mothers’ tummies, and found to their astonishment that if left to their own devices, the babies used their limbs in a slow but coordinated way to crawl up and reach the breast where they then latched on and fed unaided.
Psychologists have found that babies as young as just 2 days old can recognise their mothers from a tape recording of only one syllable.
When babies are born they have 300 bones, that’s 94 more than an adult. They fuse together as they grow to become 206.

Your baby is born to smile. We know this because blind babies also smile, so it’s not just copying.

Your baby is sensitive to temperature and although she can’t throw off clothing or bedding to cool down, she can do other things. When she is cool she will move around more and when she is warm she will lie as if sunbathing, with her arms and legs flung out to the side. You can use these signs to work out if your baby is too hot or too cold.

Your baby’s sense of smell is much stronger than yours and he will use it to get to know you in the early weeks. To help him, try to avoid really strong perfumes, deodorants or washing powder and be aware that some household smells may be quite overpowering for him.
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stuff you may not know about new babies

At birth it takes your baby between five and 10 minutes to get used to something new, but by 3 months it will only take between 30 seconds and two minutes. And at 6 months, your baby will adjust in less than 30 seconds.

It is estimated that if a baby continued to grow at the rate he does in his first year, by the time he reached adulthood, he would be as tall as Nelson’s Column in London.

Your newborn baby prefers human speech to any other sound, which is why, when she is older and learning to talk, she will try to imitate human sounds rather than inanimate noises such as the telephone ringing.

Your baby could sense how you were feeling even in the womb! Researchers asked pregnant mums to listen to various types of music through headphones and then measured their babies’ movements with ultrasound. Most babies became more active when the music was on, especially if their mum was listening to music she liked. What is fascinating is that the babies could not hear the music ‘ it was only audible to the mums, so the babies were responding to their mums’ emotional responses to the music.


In a baby’s first year, it’s brain will double to become half its adult size.

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