Super Sparkle Parties’ Special Holiday Event

Nottingham commercial headshot photographer Beverley Perkins

Beverley Perkins Photographer

Interactive children’s entertainment.

I have photographed Monika and Phil’s family since 2007, when it was just the 2 of them and the dogs! They are now 4 and no dogs šŸ™ and they have a very successful children’s themed party and entertainment service covering Nottingham and the east Midlands, called ‘Super Sparkle Parties’.

They offer magical, memorable & professional children’s party and event entertainment. Additionally, they are expanding the interactive theatreĀ aspect of their events. I have photographed 2 of these shows now and can personally recommend them to parents and carers of young children who want real time, interactive entertainment that doesn’t involve any technology at all!- Apart from Phil’s special lighting and music effects!

Yesterday, I was invited to photograph their May half term event with Shaggy, Velma, Cinderella, Elsa, Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad wolf. It was the perfect way to spend a wet and windy Friday morning, away from the TV and Playstation, and offered a really great interactive, sensory performance. The session included music, games, puppetcraft and lots of fairytale magic to transport the children (and some of the adults- especially me!!) to a wonderful imaginary land, where Elsa’s snow and Cinderella’s socks had disappeared (!?) Monika is a truly gifted teacher and sharer. Her skill with the children is exceptional! They are totally immersed and she effortlessly guides them through the wonderful make-believe enchanted forests and stormy seas to Grandma’s crazy house. I had a fab time! I have no doubt that every child went home full of excitement and will be reliving the fun and enjoying the finger puppets that they all made and took away with them.

Nottingham headshot photographer Beverley Perkins

The children’s captivated faces were enchanting

Phil’s part in all the activities is more subtle, but no less important. As the arranger and organiser of all the lighting and sound effects, his input helps to create all the magic behind the scenes, whilst more publicly, he takes the part of the Big Bad Wolf and Shaggy – very accurate voices too!! All the performers involved are fully CRB checked. For more information about birthday parties and how to arrange your own special interactive event, pleaseĀ GO HERE.

Monika and Phil will be using the photographs for their promotional literature and online media advertising, so look out for all those gorgeous faces! If you need some photos to create a really personalised feeling for your literature or online media, please feel free to phone 07773938669 for a no-obligation chat or meeting. Otherwise, GO HEREĀ to send me a message and I will phone you.


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