Thien’s Cake smash

little boy enjoying his birthday cake smash photo session

Cake smash is a wonderful way to enjoy a birthday cake and get some amazing fun photos at the same time

Happy birthday Thien! Today he brought his favourite chocolate cake and his birthday balloon to the studio to show me…experts say the cake was beyond fantastic! Chocolate with fudge filling and little white chocolate stars on top and just one candle! The clean up also took longer than the photos! But hey ho! we must suffer for our art. Its worth mentioning that I have never known a little boy have so much fun with a chocolate cake …ever!!! so it was worth it

Cake smash is the best fun! The photos are hilarious. Thien was so engrossed in trying all the different textures and seeing if all the chocolate stars were the same, or if in fact each one tasted different! His face was an absolute picture. It was also interesting when he tested to see how much cake can go in your mouth all at the same time too!!
There were so many different photos to choose from that I have ended up making a collage print to incorporate a before and after the arrival of the cake!
If you’d like to have photographs with your One year old, as well as make a mess, wear a party hat and eat cake please phone to make an appointment 0115 9231537 or visit the website to view some more photographs.

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