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I came across this time-lapse video made by a dutch father, which I thought was wonderfully clever and such an amazing piece of memorabilia for the family. Its just a 4 minute  video clip showing a little girl’s growth from a baby to a 14-year-old girl. I offer a triple photo session to parents to show baby over (approximately) a year, which is such a  wonderful souvenir to look back on and enjoy. As parents we photograph our children’s funny little activities and moods all the time and they are cherished and shown to everyone on our phones, but this man has taken it to the next level and made something that must have taken such a huge amount of time and commitment. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I have. Here is the piece from the article and the link to watch the video is at the bottom of the page….

“Dutchman Frans Hofmeester took short video snaps of Lotte once a week over the course of her life until she turned 14 in October last year and posted the film on YouTube.

Starting with various clips showing Lotte crying, dribbling and even being sick as a newborn baby, by the end of the video she has become a young woman – wearing make up and a flower in her hair.

By editing the shots together, Mr Hofmeester produced a touching four-minute video that will appeal to every parent who has watched their child grow up.”

I think to make something like this would take an enormous commitment to keep the background and everything consistent and to ensure that everything was done on time. You just have to applaud this man’s stamina! Its great viewing too. We often set out with such great intentions to do a small task over a period of time, and its easy for life to get in the way and for the task to fall by the wayside, so I am doubly impressed.

He produced a similar video for Lotte when she was 13.

This is the link to the Youtube Video:


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